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Hyrule Issue: Linux bug in Validator.cfc

Name: Linux bug in Validator.cfc
ID: 7
Project: Hyrule
Type: Bug
Area: Code
Severity: High
Status: Open
Related URL:
Creator: Benoit Hediard
Created: 10/28/10 11:52 AM
Updated: 11/04/10 1:10 PM
Description: Just a small typo in Validator.cfc on Linux (case sensitive).

L.15: var validationResult = (isNUll(arguments.vr)) ? new validationResult() : arguments.vr;   

Should be changed to:
var validationResult = (isNUll(arguments.vr)) ? new ValidationResult() : arguments.vr;

Otherwise it cannot find ValidationResult.cfc (it looks for validationResult.cfc).
History: Created by hediard (Benoit Hediard) : 10/28/10 11:52 AM

Comment by hediard (Benoit Hediard) : 11/04/10 1:10 PM
Same issues here:
- ValidationResult.cfc L.36
var validationError = new ValidationError();

- Validator.cfc L.69
validator = new rules.RangeValidator();

- Validator.cfc L.74
validator = new rules.SizeValidator();

- Validator.cfc L.118
validator = new rules.PasswordValidator();

- Validator.cfc L.123
validator = new rules.EmailValidator();

- Validator.cfc L.188
validator = new rules.BinaryValidator();

- Validator.cfc L.193
validator = new rules.NumericValidator();

- Validator.cfc L.198
validator = new rules.StringValidator();

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