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Hyrule Issue: Enhancement: Pass dto object to isValid method

Name: Enhancement: Pass dto object to isValid method
ID: 8
Project: Hyrule
Type: Enhancement
Area: Code
Severity: Normal
Status: Open
Related URL:
Creator: Qasim Rasheed
Created: 08/02/11 11:14 AM
Updated: 08/02/11 11:14 AM
Description: Is it possible that we can add an argument to each validator for the original dto objects. For complicated validations, I always have found a need to refer other properties on the dto object but those aren't available. Also with using beanInjector, I can wire dependencies in my entities for services and then call those through hyrule validator - if necessary.

History: Created by kaasu (Qasim Rasheed) : 08/02/11 11:14 AM

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